Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Well, well, well. The name is Vaida, and I am an aspiring Ret Paladin, working my way towards bringing death to all enemies of the Horde. I hold no particular dislike for any one specific faction within the Alliance, rather I dislike them all equally.

DPS is the key for me. Oh and survivability, I can solo like you wouldn't believe! Groups? I love the groups, being a harbinger of righteous death gives me all the motivation I need to get the job done!

Now don't forget, I do have that wonderfully warm touch, something that can brush away all the pain.

I am working on my Polearm skills, after acquiring that nice piece of hardware you see there. Don't worry, with a little practice, the Horde will be scattering before me as I dish out some oh so wonderful pain!

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