Saturday, September 19, 2009


Well, here is the UI I have so far. Nothing spectacular, but so far it is working for me. As you can see I have my panic buttons scaled up a little, so they are easy to recognize and to press in a hurry. You can see my "FEAR ME!" button, Will of the Forsaken, PW:S, Dispersion, and a few others I feel are useful to have easily recongizable. Yes... You see heals on my Bartender. Reason being, a lot of times I end up having to switch quickly to healing because someone is getting ganked or is getting/or is already in deep trouble. I also find that sometimes I need a little bit of healing myself.

But Bartender is performing up to standards and is an awesome add-on. I moved my bag bar over to the side and vertical so that I can have room on the bottom right for Grid. I also have my XP bar at the very bottom. As well, I have my miscellaneous buttons on the very top. They stay out of the way of my view while battling. It took me a day to get used to this set-up, but it is more effective than the default UI by Blizzard.

I am also, as you can see, running Grid. Definitely useful for healers, but I rarely find myself using it right now since I tend to be DPS. Hey now, I am afterall Shadow Specced! It does a pretty good job of letting me know when someone is in big trouble. I still have to fine tune it to what I want it to look like and play like. But it does help in some BGs. I love it in Arathi because of the small amount of players. In the AV it can be daunting because of the size of the map, but it does a good job of keeping me up to date on the status of the group as a whole. In Warsong, it proves to be an even greater tool due to the size of the groups being restricted to I believe 10 total. Grid also allows me to click/press a button/heal and activate it on a Grid square instead of trying to find the person in the chaotic mess that is a raid/instance. Very useful!

Not shown in full view is Quest Helper. That tool has proven to be a time saver and has helped me along to getting my levels. I have to say thank you to Daizeechain from for guiding me to this tool when I first got to this server. I never used an add-on before, and she pointed me and directed me in the use of it! Thanks chica!

So basically, the UIs I have are:

-Bartender 4
-Quest Helper

Small but overall useful. I have to say that in general this should be a good minimum to start with. Why? It covers in general, a couple basic aspects that everyone runs across. Now for Grid it is kind of specialized, and I think it heads more towards healers and Raid Leaders. But I think a DPS or Tank can see it and use it as having more "eyes." How? Situational awareness, perhaps the dwindling of health on Grid can indicate add mobs? For RLs it is just good to have for exactly that reason, situational awareness. Bartender just allows you to adjust the bars and make them fit your personal style, so it is more along the lines of something I think everyone should download and utilize. Quest Helper is pretty self explanatory I think.

I am sure once i get to 80 and Dual spec along with getting into raiding more so, I will download a few more. Probably something that can help me with my healing/prevention. When it happens I am sure a post will soon follow!

If you have any recommendations, please do not hesitate to add to what I have said!!!

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