Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do work son...

That's what I need to do, but unfortunately, real life is interfering...

I did however get halfway to level 74, so I am not too far behind what I projected. But I do wish I could hit 78 before this weekend ends. However, there is an issue, work... My work is conducting some projects that basically will entail long hours.

So *sigh* I will be stuck at around 75 I am thinking and missing out on some raids with the guildies. Sucks, but life is what it is. However, I will try my best to get into the mix when I can.

One PLUS I did have happen was I dropped 1000 Gold on Dual Spec!!! I am now a certified Shadow/Holy Spec Priest! So I healed my first instance as Holy, and it was epic! I have to get used to the amount of heals I toss out, because sure enough the amount of overheals committed was around 42%!!! So I need some practice, gimme a break! But no one died! So there was a plus, that is the main thing I think!

Anyway, I will try to get on to try and hit lvl 74 tonight, I am already halfway, so we will see!!! Pictures will be coming sooner or later!

I will try to get a guild pic done!

Friday, September 25, 2009

This coming weekend...

This coming weekend is going to busy, busy, busy... I have a little social event called a "Ball" coming, and it is supposed to commence somewhere around 1900. But earlier in the day, my wife will be teaching several classes, so she is the one that will be swamped. I on the other hand will take advantage of her absence to jump on the WOW wagon and do some work towards the next levels.

Currently I sit at around 8/10 of the way to level 71. I am hoping that before the end of the weekend I am sitting at a happy level 73. But that is pretty optimistic, considering how much exp is required to get there. I have no issues about taking the time to get to level 80, I just would rather be there ASAP so I can participate in some PUGs with a few guildmates to get some practice in before the flood of fellow members hit the 80 mark. This will ensure that I have some experience in some of the runs, and won't be behind the curve. I have a tendency to become anxious and research stuff like that, just so I am in the loop.

That brings me to my thought of the week. Research. Should you do Research before making your way into an instance?

I am slightly partial to a yes, mostly because wiping/dying is not too fun and you end up having to make a huge run back to the instance, or getting a battle rez(hope someone has that!).

Thursday, September 24, 2009

5 Days...

It has been 5 days since my last post. Mostly because I have been busy in Real Life as opposed to busy on WOW. But, nonetheless I have found a little time to throw some WOW in my life.

No work on my DeathKnight has been accomplished, mostly in part due to me wanting to get my Priest up to 70+ I leveled my priest from the high 60s to finally 70 yesterday night. I would like to give a big thanks to Unbeknown who escorted me through Nexus to finish up some quests, and letting me acquire some gear. Unfortunately some bad news, I have another quest in the Nexus, which I did not have on my table yesterday night... Bummer. All is good though.

The guild, is going thru some great changes, they are currently in the mode to figure out officer slots and appoint some people. A positive direction. I have no aspirations to become an officer at this time, hoever, if asked I will glady perform the duties appointed. They just have to realize my online time is dependent on my real life activities, namely my wife. No complaints, just something that has to be put on the table before they start putting crazy expectations on me.

I have acquired some new gear, and I have to say, if you have gear from Hellfire or the Outlands you are trying to keep, don't bother. The green drops are just as good if not BETTER in Northrend than any loot you are going to acquire in the Outlands. On another note on Loot, Onyxia has some new loot and has now changed to much more difficult raid with more rewarding drops!

On the subject of the patch changes, 3.2.2, I think it is called. But it has some bonuses for us Shadow Priests. I didn't copy/paste it on my blog yet. But I will get to that. New pics will be up eventually, especially one of how badass my gear looks on me, I look like som gothic taker of life! Which in all regards Voicless truly is. I find myself suprising myself on how much I can take. I owned 3 mobs that were around level 72 all at the same time. I did not use any fear abilities, I just laid out my DOTs and used VE for life gain while I tried to down one that I focused on ASAP. I love it!

I will definitely be dual speccing into either holy or disc, that way IO am more useful for raiding!

Well that is all for now, but I will be back on to post some pics when my life gets less busy.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Well, here is the UI I have so far. Nothing spectacular, but so far it is working for me. As you can see I have my panic buttons scaled up a little, so they are easy to recognize and to press in a hurry. You can see my "FEAR ME!" button, Will of the Forsaken, PW:S, Dispersion, and a few others I feel are useful to have easily recongizable. Yes... You see heals on my Bartender. Reason being, a lot of times I end up having to switch quickly to healing because someone is getting ganked or is getting/or is already in deep trouble. I also find that sometimes I need a little bit of healing myself.

But Bartender is performing up to standards and is an awesome add-on. I moved my bag bar over to the side and vertical so that I can have room on the bottom right for Grid. I also have my XP bar at the very bottom. As well, I have my miscellaneous buttons on the very top. They stay out of the way of my view while battling. It took me a day to get used to this set-up, but it is more effective than the default UI by Blizzard.

I am also, as you can see, running Grid. Definitely useful for healers, but I rarely find myself using it right now since I tend to be DPS. Hey now, I am afterall Shadow Specced! It does a pretty good job of letting me know when someone is in big trouble. I still have to fine tune it to what I want it to look like and play like. But it does help in some BGs. I love it in Arathi because of the small amount of players. In the AV it can be daunting because of the size of the map, but it does a good job of keeping me up to date on the status of the group as a whole. In Warsong, it proves to be an even greater tool due to the size of the groups being restricted to I believe 10 total. Grid also allows me to click/press a button/heal and activate it on a Grid square instead of trying to find the person in the chaotic mess that is a raid/instance. Very useful!

Not shown in full view is Quest Helper. That tool has proven to be a time saver and has helped me along to getting my levels. I have to say thank you to Daizeechain from for guiding me to this tool when I first got to this server. I never used an add-on before, and she pointed me and directed me in the use of it! Thanks chica!

So basically, the UIs I have are:

-Bartender 4
-Quest Helper

Small but overall useful. I have to say that in general this should be a good minimum to start with. Why? It covers in general, a couple basic aspects that everyone runs across. Now for Grid it is kind of specialized, and I think it heads more towards healers and Raid Leaders. But I think a DPS or Tank can see it and use it as having more "eyes." How? Situational awareness, perhaps the dwindling of health on Grid can indicate add mobs? For RLs it is just good to have for exactly that reason, situational awareness. Bartender just allows you to adjust the bars and make them fit your personal style, so it is more along the lines of something I think everyone should download and utilize. Quest Helper is pretty self explanatory I think.

I am sure once i get to 80 and Dual spec along with getting into raiding more so, I will download a few more. Probably something that can help me with my healing/prevention. When it happens I am sure a post will soon follow!

If you have any recommendations, please do not hesitate to add to what I have said!!!

Onyxia down...

Something drove me to get a few of us together to run some Onyxia before the major buff happens in the upcoming upgrade! Glad we did it like this. I was actually offered a chance to go at this from two of my guildies. I will give my shout out to Jenerator(lvl 80 Pally) and Berkel (lvl 79 DK). I was just along to benefit from the achievements and to perhaps replace one piece of equipment on my toon.

First of all, I have never been here. Did a little reading, and actually understood a little bit of what she does.

I knew there were three stages, but had no clue as to what it looked like. We had one wipe, and that was mostly due to only one of us really knowing what was going to occur. On the second try, no prob. We got it done, and did it pretty well. I got a brand new blue cloak, literally blue, and also it is a blue gear. No purple for me. I want to do it again, just to see what else chance can give us, but we shall see. But I guess we have to hurry, because if we don't, she will turn into a lvl 80 instance!

The head mounted on a stick in Ogrimmar! FOR THE HORDE! Oh the fun! Although I didn't contribute as much as the other two guildies to her death, I still gave my all. I focused on bubbling the other two, and keeping their health above 3/4 at all times. The Little Dragon Whelps that came out in stage two got dealt with quickly after I had figured out their little scheme. I just ran back to the Holy Pally and she disposed of them quickly. I had to bubble quickly. Jenerator did a wonderful job of watching out for my health as well. Sometimes I get so caught up, I forget that I have health too! She keeps me up though and in turn I keep them bubbled. Yes... I love the bubbles, I think I will definitely go that direction with my priest when I Dual Spec. Disc, here I come!!!!

Berkel did a wonderful job of DPSing. He had just dinged 79 and respecced into Blood/Unholy. He had no large amount of awesome gear, and he did an outstanding job with what he had! He will be running instances soon for gear, and I can't wait to join in on it with him and Jen. They are both wonderful guildmates who are making my new home, , a great place to be already.
Ah the fun...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Alterac Valley

Sigh... Frustration sets in. For some reason on my server, Gundrak, Horde has an especially difficult time pulling victories for Alterac Valley. I mean it doesn't help that 75% of the time we are outnumbered from the get go, but it also doesn't help when the members start to leave, and then not 5 seconds later another person joins. If they would just tough it out, we could get to 40 people on the BG.

I get frustrated rezzing and then getting ganked because I am outnumbered 4-to-1 before I can even buff! Rediculous! But I still stay at it, i have very few instances where I have quit a BG, mostly that has to do with the wife needing some help with something.

I found out that I have a very high level of survivability in the PVP aspect of the game. I dropped DOTs on 2 of the 4 people that were ganking me, and I blew some bubbles up. Then I renewed the DOTs and started it up on the other 2. I Dispersed when my mana got halfway, because it only can regen about a third of my total mana, so ya know!? But it also kept me alive long enough for the bubble cool down. Another bubble is blown, and then I Fear all 4 of my attackers, and start renewing the DOTs. All the while I have the heals coming from the victims what with Vampiric Embrace on all of them LOL! I know they are cursing me in their mics or in their heads. My health has not really dropped below half at any point. I unleash my little squid for some more mana regen and a little extra DPS at the same time. I keep renewing the DOTs. Eventually 2 of the 4 get down to their last drops. I SW:D them and they keel over! 2 out of 4 dead!

Wow! I am not a very good player, so they must be terrible! Seriously, I only do the BGs for some of the rewards from the vendors, not because I want to Arena or anything. Plus AV gives decent EXP when we do what we are supposed to do.

Well I stilll have 2 Alli trying to gank me. Dispersion is coming up on cooldown and so is the bubble. Then I get stunned. Ugh! Oh wait, Will of the Forsaken! Survive some more!!! This whole time I am moveing around, jumping, doubling back, etc. I am also making my way towards a cliff in AV, near the GY! I get my bubble, and Dispersion is shortly following. I throw the bubble up again, and I jump off the cliff, LEVITATE! LOL! Funny thing is, I survive that battle, only to get rogue ganked... Oh well, the fun I had.

Anyway, on my way to 66, I had the chance to do something I have never really gotten a chance to do, HEAL! Yes, yes I know, I am a Priest. But I am Shadow Specced so I was pretty much stuck to DPS. But on BF I got my first taste of learning to heal. I think I did well all in all, I was the only death and that was because my tank couldn't aggro. Turns out it was his first real go at Aggro! So a lot of firsts. But then also the other members couldn't divert the mob from me, so I got ganked by 3 elites, I tried to survive, but I was massacred. The bubble can only keep so much out!

But I found that I enjoy this aspect of the raid/instance roles, so I am determined to make 1000G to get myself dual spec so I can either run Disc or Holy. I like the idea of Disc though!

Oh well, level 70, I can see you! Can't wait!!!

Got some work done...

Voicless has hit lvl 66 and is on his way to try and hit 68 by next coming weekend. I am trying to get to 70 so I can run some instances with the guildies. Did a little work on the enchanting and tailoring, man those two are expensive! I only have around 500 gold, no flying mount or training for it. The flying mount is appealing, but not necessary for me to make it. I wanan pay for dual speccing so I can be more desireable in PUGs and runs with the guildies.

Ah well, more to come after I get some sleep!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Well, well, well. The name is Vaida, and I am an aspiring Ret Paladin, working my way towards bringing death to all enemies of the Horde. I hold no particular dislike for any one specific faction within the Alliance, rather I dislike them all equally.

DPS is the key for me. Oh and survivability, I can solo like you wouldn't believe! Groups? I love the groups, being a harbinger of righteous death gives me all the motivation I need to get the job done!

Now don't forget, I do have that wonderfully warm touch, something that can brush away all the pain.

I am working on my Polearm skills, after acquiring that nice piece of hardware you see there. Don't worry, with a little practice, the Horde will be scattering before me as I dish out some oh so wonderful pain!

Hey mon, how goes da life? I am a level 63 DeathKnight who is currently working to gather some gear to be able to tank and DPS! I loves me some dual wielding, and am right proud of my two little pig stickers. I know, I know, a DeathKnight, big whoop. You see dem everywhere. But let me be da first to say I am not da typical 12-year old runnin 'round Death Gripping everything I see in mah sight. When I Death Grip, I be pullin' em to da tank, not away from da tank. I give my bruddah a few seconds to catch their attention, then Mr. ICastSpellsFromHere gets a quick yank to my Tanks circle of death.

On the other hand, I love me some Tankin, and with Frost as my Spec, I have to say I do a decent job of it. I was told by several members of a few different PUGs that I did a "beautiful job" of tanking. Great to hear! I just hope people will continue to give me a chance! By da way, the names Rottusk! Peace be da Journey!

Hi, my name is Voicless and I am a Shadow Priest. Yes, that's right, a Shadow Priest. I don't expect for parties to jump up and down for me, but I do want you to recognize what type of potential I have for a group. I fill this little spot in your group that calls for someone who can provide some DPS but jump onboard the heal wagon if need arises. I can also carefully monitor my DPS to make sure I don't out aggro your tanks. I provide a nice little Stamina Buff, along with some Spirit Buffs! One problem, and one that I know all too well about, I suffer from being squishy. I cannot take an all out beating, but I can delay the inevitable. Plop out a nice bubble on myself and I can buy myself a few precious seconds for the tank to get back his aggro, as well as being able to Disperse as the need arises. I am not trying to say that you can't do it without me, no way, what I am saying is give me a chance and I think you will be pleasantly suprised at what I can do.


Oh sleep, you sweet and elusive thing you! Working nights is wreaking a bit of havoc on my body, and what doesn't help is the fact that I have to keep accomplishing certain tasks during the daylight hours! So my pattern is all messed up! I think I got a total of 4 hours today, and now I have to go pull an all nighter! Oh well, the price you pay to serve your country! LOL!

I got to log onto WOW for about an hour today, nothing crazy. Played like one BG, Eye of the Storm? I think that was what it was called, kind of like a version of Arathi Basin, but a slightly different twist added in, there is a flag in the middle. I wasn't sure, but it seemed like you snagged the flag then high-tailed it to the nearest tower that you possessed, not too bad, it was interesting.

I then figured I had enough time to go snag myself an add-on, so I went to (love this page) and downloaded Bartender. I have to say I am impressed by it. I am sure I can get it to the visual look that I want, but I need more than thirty minutes to play around with it, but I love the flexibility of it, and I will be working on it a bit later. It freed up quite a bit of play space, especially when I moved a bar or two up to the top of the screen, away from the middle. I will probably be picking up something else like Grid, so I can be aware of everyone's health in instances and such. I know, I know, I am a Shadow Priest. But on some occassions, I like to throw a few heals in the mix, especially when I see someone floundering. I will get screenshots of my UI once I have got it configured the way I am comfortable with!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Last 2 days...

There he sits upon an outcropping, after doing a bit of questing in the Outlands. Nothing too crazy, just destroying some Voidwalkers and dining on some swine. Yes that's right, I enjoy the bacon, but who doesn't?

The last two days have proven to be uneventful, but regardless a bit constructive. I leveled Voicless up to 63 and spent a bit of time leveling up his tailoring, such a pain! I also did a little less work in the Enchanting Department, but that is because that stuff is expensive, and as I said before I am working on saving for a third tab for my newly created guild, .

After a bit of time with Voic, I logged and then jumped on with Rottusk. Joined in on 2 runs of Hellfire Ramparts, mostly to finish a quest there, but also as a bonus, to gain some gear! I am trying to piece together enough equipment to have two sets of gear, one for tanking and one for DPS. I have to say, that with Rott, I did a decent job of Tanking on the first run. It was cool doing a job I always just watched and prayed they wouldn't die. I loved my healer, he did his job and hugs were given as we did a decent job on this. Our first party was made up of a pretty decent mixture. I was tanking as I said before. We also had a Hunter, a Rogue, and another DK running DPS. My support was in the form of a Holy Priest, who never let me down past 1/2 and kept things safe.

We never actually worried too much, and did a good job of making it thru in one piece, no wipes. So that was nice.

Second run was a little more rough. We had no real ranged DPS, so it was up to myself, another DK, and a Druid to run DPS. We had a Warrior tanking, and another Priest. Not sure what it was, but the DK we had was just not in the mood for listening. He didn't know what he was doing. The tank would pull and the minute he did so, the DK would Death Grip or whatever it's called one of the Mobs, and then next thing you know you have loss of control. I kept telling him to wait 5 secs for the Warrior to snag some Aggro, but he wouldn't listen. We finished the run, and then he was kicked from the group... I hate when people don't listen...

This is my alt, Rottusk. He has had a couple improvements to his arsenal. Well rather he has added some items to his arsenal. Nothing too crazy, a pair of blues with Cinderglacier Runes on both of them. I did this to test the viability of using dual wielding as opposed to 2-Handed weapons.

Odd thing is, maybe I am just seeing things, but I seem to mow thru mobs a lot faster, even though the stats state that I am doing less DMG on my character tab. But that could mean per weapon? Regardless, he looks like a hoss! And when he crouches down, with both swords low and ready, even better! So far I am loving this guy.

Even if he is my ALT, he has reached the same level as my main, kinda wierd? I know, but it is just that because he is a different playstyle, and I only started using his style for a mere 8 levels, it is still new and interesting to me. And I believe I have my rotation down finally. Going with Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Blood Strike, Blood Strike, Dump an Obliterate or Frost Strike in there. Afterwards, follow up with Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Blood Strike, Blood Strike, and then Dump all the runic into Obliterates and Frost Strikes. There are better ways I am sure, but I am trying ot get comfortable with this mode of play. Oh well, fun so far. I am on, reading up on their explanations here.

He also received some new boots, mostly set up for a Tank, which is where I seem to be headed anyway. But I dunno if DKs are truly viable tanks next to Pallies and Warriors. Yeah we wear plate, but we seem to have a lot of abilities that nod in the direction of DPS. But then the absence of a shield is also something worth looking at. But I can honestly say, I loved Tanking!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gear and Customization...

Hmmmm... I was just thinking while looking at another blog by a Hunter. I saw his gear was black and looked great on him!

I have to say, why doesn't Blizzard give us the option of coloring our gear? I mean, they don't have to go crazy, but to allow us to have perhaps a say in what color scheme each gear we equip will show up as would be awesome. What with the new Barbershop thing going and how druids have a choice of the wya they want their cat/bear forms to look. I can see it going that way.

I mean to me the best way for games to move me, is to have a lot of customization, not so much that would deprive me of fun from gameplay, but enough to give me more control.

I had a talk with a buddy of mine and he said that is what drives him... Being able to customize your profile/alt/toon gives you a good feeling. I mean why not have the repspective armorers give you the ability to "dye" your armor pieces, at a price of course. But you could eventually color your gear to fit your personality. People would pay gold for this and probably pay a pretty penny, I know I would!

Weapons could be given a few options as well. A little more shine, a little bit of matte, or leave as is. Sometimes the stuff looks great as is!

This would also lead to less of a chance of coming across someone looking too close to you and allows you even more individuality among the masses. Just a thought!

September 11, 2001

I was at work as a Juvenile Corrections Officer, being a role model and an example to follow. I turn on the TV so that they can get a whiff of current events, and I turn the channel to the news. I was shocked and stunned.

The WTC was billowing smoke, and word a plane crashed into it. I left the news on and watched...

Eventually the truth of the attacks was released. I was angry, but who wouldn't be?

I am currently in the United States Air Force, and in all truth, that was one of the main reasons. I joined because I wanted to play a part in supporting my country and defending it. True, the events already had played out, but the fact is, I joined while our conflict against terrorism still remains.

I am saddened by the losses created by this event, and I mean all the losses.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A few hours...

Logged on for a few hours, meaning like less than two hours today, and I had a little bit of fun in the Outlands.

I had a few quests to finish up, and still plenty more to finish up near Thrallmar(sp?) before I move on to the next little area located to west, where the Cenarion Circle makes their home.

I was down near the south, cleaning up some Voidwalkers to collect some quest items from them, when lo and behold! An approaching DK stops and watches my current situation. I know what is coming...

Attack from BEHIND! But he has no clue I was aware of his arrival.

He is lvl 60 and I am lvl 62, not a very large gap between us, and boy does it show. I was already involved with 2 mobs, and now he comes and adds his gargoyle, zombie, and his own crazy DPS to the fray. Needless to say, I feared him off of me for a sec, while bubbling at the same time. I know I am not going to get away, so I drop some DOTs on him and try to let them work their magic. He is hopping mad, chasing after me post fear recovery. I continue to haul and as he gets closer I disperse, giving myself a little more time. I pop out of dispersion and use another bubble and renew my DOTs. Very suprising I am still alive at this time!

At this time I am about to lose it, I know he has me beat, but the point is, I have to take him with me!!! Why yes... Yes I do. I die, and I wait it out for a sec, and he follows suit. Dead... DOTs have granted me revenge. I do a quick run back to my corpse, in hopes of reaching it before he can. I do. I recover and shortly after he is back but at half the health. I unload on him, pop bubble and drop the DOTs. His health slowly drops, but it is too late, Mind Flay follows him around, and he is having issues getting to me fast enough. I disperse once again and make my way out of there. He dies, once again. LOL!

Now, I obviously have no issues with DKs, seeing as I have one now. But do you really think that you didn't deserve that little bit of payback. You tried to(and succeeded) in ganking me while I was occupied. Luckily I keep a wide shot of my surroundings, and I was semi-prepared for your arrival. I typically abstain from ganking others while they are involved, in a lot of situations I usually ignore people. But after that little fiasco, I was totally paranoid he was going to come back as I was in the middle of things. But in the end, no go, he never shows his face again.

I then logged off Voicless, and gave Rottusk a few minutes of love. Flew him out to Outlands and started him up on the starter quests there. He did me proud and knocked out 5 quests in about 20 minutes. His Frost tree is making me feel good about it, it has this resiliency and the ability to handle several mobs at once. I am still debating 2-handed or dual wielding, but the 2-hander is getting some big hits! I love the fact that they drop plenty of cloth in the Outlands, but I am still miffed because Mageweave is so freaking expensive and kinda elusive for me to obtain!

Anyway, done for the day, I may try to log Vaida(lvl 21 Pally) on sometime tomorrow, but I have a date with a guildie to do some more Outlands quests and get my DK to level 60! Should be fun, seeing as I just finished most of those quests that I will be doing with Voicless today LOL!

Anyway, hasta la vista! I got to eat some dinner with the beautiful wife!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some Class info...

Well here is some info that would serve other Priests and DKs rather well. Well they would have to be of the same persuasion of as myself:

Some Priest info from It is a link to the community forum for Priests, specifically Shadow Priests! Great for us PVE players!

DeathKnight info Created by Illundai from A wealth of info it is, and I appreciate the amount of helpful info they bring to the WOW community. Sometimes for people who are simple as me, this type of little guide is extremely helpful!

Couple Hours...

A couple hours spent playing a bit of WOW reaped a couple benefits.

I ran a few instances with some newer players, and gave them a few 30-45 minute runs.

I did it with my Priest in RFC twice. I was suprised at how easily I walked thru RFC, well not really, I am several levels above the mobs. ;-) But with the addition of Dispersion and whatnot, I didn't have to worry about saying, "OOM 1sec." It was more like, hurry and loot those bodies, we got someplace to be!

Then I did a quick run of RFK with my DK. 30 minutes I was done. I spent the time just trying to get my rotation down and see what I felt like doing with my DK. I have to say I am impressed with Frost Tree. I was going to do Unholy, but something made me move towards Frost. I like the look and the way it plays on the screen. All a personal thing. Problem... Which is better? 2-handed or dual hand?! I am kind of at odds with how I want to go, I haven't tried the dual hand yet, because I need a set of swords I feel are of high enough value to wield.. We will see.

Reward for me from this? Spread my name around the server a bit as a helpful lil guy, and to snag some BOE items to out in the guild tab for my fellow guildmates and to use for disenchanting. I am working on building the funds up for a third Guild Tab. I have paid for 2 out of my own virtual pockets, so a third will be the last, and then the other guildmates will be contributing!

I come back to my Priest however. The DK is nice, a different toon for me to use while in different moods. I love the idea of just jumping into a fray and wielding that 2-hander around and just splitting heads. But the finesse with my Priest will always make me smile, because nothing is quite as satifying as having a cloth wearer take down multiple mobs and win!

I am also working on a little Pally, named Vaida, to give myself a few more options when I log on. I am thinking about another toon, a Hunter to give myself the DPS and soloing capability with his pet (tank).

I just love the varity that this game brings to the table. When Worgen and Goblins hit the scene, I will be getting one of those nifty looking Worgen. They look great, and I can't wait to see how a Worgen hunter is going to look with his little Wolf as a pet. We will see. I guess with all the different choices WOW grants, and with the addition of Cataclysm, my interest is being held. Also the fact that I play casually and I have a real life where I put my priorities makes WOW a hobby.

So let me see:

Voicless: Level 62 Forsaken Shadowpriest
Rottusk: Level 58 Troll Frost Death Knight
Vaida: Level 21 Blood Elf Retribution Paladin
Anonymous: Level 7 Tauren Shaman

...that basically covers 4 of the 5 Horde races. I will probably be rolling up an Orc Hunter. Just to have a character in all 5 Horde Races. I love variety. But I will probably keep one of the 2 unnamed toons anonymous just so I can keep something away from the guild. Everyone needs some time away from questions, right? :-)


choices, choices...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Death Knight

Started a Troll DK named Rottusk on my server tonight, played thru the intro up to where you report to Ogrimmar. Needless to say I am slightly intrigued by the play of this class, I will be giving itsome go and probably be making it my farmer(mining/skinning) for my newly started guild .

Will see how I feel about Rotty in about a month or so!


Monday, September 7, 2009

UIs, Macros, Mods, other customizations...

Argh! I see so many UIs and customizable aspects of WOW it is giving me a headache! Currently I am running nothing but the good old questhelper and that's it!

I would like to advance into the level of player that has a more raid useful type of UI. Of course I am not raiding at the moment, but I know I will be eventually and want to get some practice in! I know there are lots of players who have their own flavor they like.

So there we go. What's your flavor? There is no right and wrong when it comes down to stuff like this, that's why it is all personal. I for one love me some strawberry cheesecake ice cream, does that mean I am the only one who is right? Not in a world full of chocolate, vanilla, and whatever other type of flavor ice cream is running around out there! We all have our faves! Now it is just a matter of figuring out what is mine!

I guess I will be making a visit to and seeing what they got to offer! I will probably be looking at pitbull, dominos, grid, quartz, vudho, and whatever else is out there! Choices, choices, choices...

Well when I find that wonderful flavor I will be sure to let you know! If you have any recommendations, please do tell!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Humble beginnings... That is where I come from. My character comes from that cold and gloomy environment of Tirisfal Glades. Quite a far cry from where I personally(in real life) grew up, Texas, where heat and humidty run rampant.

But humble beginnings nonetheless. My character nor I was ever spoiled or handed things in life, rather we had to earn them. Voicless is no twink(nothing against them) and perhaps that is for the best. I have had to earn just about everything on my own, save for a few items that some good people helped me out with. I give credit to a few members of Serenity here, Daizee and Naz thanks for everything!

I grew up having to earn my life's possessions and I believe that it was probably for the best. I had no car that I could call my own while in High School, I borrowed my pops truck for my senior year. I own everything in my PLACE, nothing is currently being paid off or requires me to make monthly payments on. I am in the United States Air Force, so I don't exactly pay for place to stay. My wife, Sue and I stay in a nice place on base, so rent and utilities are not something we worry about. Did I mention we live in Japan?

How does this relate to MARTIAL and the guild members I hope to have? I expect that MARTIAL grows to be a much respected guild over time. We plan on earning our stripes, not just having things handed to us. Progression, that is what I expect to see. Hopefully, everyone has the same mentality.

I want MARTIAL to be somewhere that its members will be happy to share some life experiences and not think that we can only talk about WOW. Our life experiences and who we are will make this guild a better environment.

So for MARTIAL and its beginnings I expect the following:

Guild Rules/Requirements:

1. Maturity- Have it and display it at all times. Being 18 is required except in special circumstances where the would-be member proves through interaction that their level of maturity is impressive.

2. Aptitude-Learn, be willing to learn, extend what you have learned to others. Have an open mind, expect to be critiqued and criticized (albeit in a helpful manner).

3. Render aid-Should someone need help and you are just sitting at AH, take the initiative to lend a hand. A guild member asks a question, give an answer, if you can. If a lowbie needs a quick run and you have the time, show them the type of guild they have joined is the HELPFUL kind.

4. Teamwork-Work together in all aspects.

5. Integrity – Stand up for the right things. If you see an injustice in the Guild, do not be afraid to bring it to someone’s attention. You should do the right thing all the time.

6. Ardent-be ardent about the guild, passionate about it. Be enthused about getting together with other guild members, making runs, promoting a strong bond within the guild.

7. Life – We want to know about it. You are more than just your character, being able to attach things you do in real life to your character is a great way to get to know one another and to promote growth in relationships between guild members.

I guess for now that is all I want to say, just some thoughts.

If you have any interest in us, send me a msg or some check us out at

Be aware the page is new and I am currently juggling work, a busy life, and trying to get this guild moving! If you are on the Gundrak Server look for us!