Sunday, September 6, 2009


Humble beginnings... That is where I come from. My character comes from that cold and gloomy environment of Tirisfal Glades. Quite a far cry from where I personally(in real life) grew up, Texas, where heat and humidty run rampant.

But humble beginnings nonetheless. My character nor I was ever spoiled or handed things in life, rather we had to earn them. Voicless is no twink(nothing against them) and perhaps that is for the best. I have had to earn just about everything on my own, save for a few items that some good people helped me out with. I give credit to a few members of Serenity here, Daizee and Naz thanks for everything!

I grew up having to earn my life's possessions and I believe that it was probably for the best. I had no car that I could call my own while in High School, I borrowed my pops truck for my senior year. I own everything in my PLACE, nothing is currently being paid off or requires me to make monthly payments on. I am in the United States Air Force, so I don't exactly pay for place to stay. My wife, Sue and I stay in a nice place on base, so rent and utilities are not something we worry about. Did I mention we live in Japan?

How does this relate to MARTIAL and the guild members I hope to have? I expect that MARTIAL grows to be a much respected guild over time. We plan on earning our stripes, not just having things handed to us. Progression, that is what I expect to see. Hopefully, everyone has the same mentality.

I want MARTIAL to be somewhere that its members will be happy to share some life experiences and not think that we can only talk about WOW. Our life experiences and who we are will make this guild a better environment.

So for MARTIAL and its beginnings I expect the following:

Guild Rules/Requirements:

1. Maturity- Have it and display it at all times. Being 18 is required except in special circumstances where the would-be member proves through interaction that their level of maturity is impressive.

2. Aptitude-Learn, be willing to learn, extend what you have learned to others. Have an open mind, expect to be critiqued and criticized (albeit in a helpful manner).

3. Render aid-Should someone need help and you are just sitting at AH, take the initiative to lend a hand. A guild member asks a question, give an answer, if you can. If a lowbie needs a quick run and you have the time, show them the type of guild they have joined is the HELPFUL kind.

4. Teamwork-Work together in all aspects.

5. Integrity – Stand up for the right things. If you see an injustice in the Guild, do not be afraid to bring it to someone’s attention. You should do the right thing all the time.

6. Ardent-be ardent about the guild, passionate about it. Be enthused about getting together with other guild members, making runs, promoting a strong bond within the guild.

7. Life – We want to know about it. You are more than just your character, being able to attach things you do in real life to your character is a great way to get to know one another and to promote growth in relationships between guild members.

I guess for now that is all I want to say, just some thoughts.

If you have any interest in us, send me a msg or some check us out at

Be aware the page is new and I am currently juggling work, a busy life, and trying to get this guild moving! If you are on the Gundrak Server look for us!

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