Saturday, September 19, 2009

Onyxia down...

Something drove me to get a few of us together to run some Onyxia before the major buff happens in the upcoming upgrade! Glad we did it like this. I was actually offered a chance to go at this from two of my guildies. I will give my shout out to Jenerator(lvl 80 Pally) and Berkel (lvl 79 DK). I was just along to benefit from the achievements and to perhaps replace one piece of equipment on my toon.

First of all, I have never been here. Did a little reading, and actually understood a little bit of what she does.

I knew there were three stages, but had no clue as to what it looked like. We had one wipe, and that was mostly due to only one of us really knowing what was going to occur. On the second try, no prob. We got it done, and did it pretty well. I got a brand new blue cloak, literally blue, and also it is a blue gear. No purple for me. I want to do it again, just to see what else chance can give us, but we shall see. But I guess we have to hurry, because if we don't, she will turn into a lvl 80 instance!

The head mounted on a stick in Ogrimmar! FOR THE HORDE! Oh the fun! Although I didn't contribute as much as the other two guildies to her death, I still gave my all. I focused on bubbling the other two, and keeping their health above 3/4 at all times. The Little Dragon Whelps that came out in stage two got dealt with quickly after I had figured out their little scheme. I just ran back to the Holy Pally and she disposed of them quickly. I had to bubble quickly. Jenerator did a wonderful job of watching out for my health as well. Sometimes I get so caught up, I forget that I have health too! She keeps me up though and in turn I keep them bubbled. Yes... I love the bubbles, I think I will definitely go that direction with my priest when I Dual Spec. Disc, here I come!!!!

Berkel did a wonderful job of DPSing. He had just dinged 79 and respecced into Blood/Unholy. He had no large amount of awesome gear, and he did an outstanding job with what he had! He will be running instances soon for gear, and I can't wait to join in on it with him and Jen. They are both wonderful guildmates who are making my new home, , a great place to be already.
Ah the fun...

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