Sunday, November 1, 2009

First of the month...

Beginning of a new month, the continuation of Voicless and his attempts at gearing up for raids. I only have a few more pieces to get a hold of before I start raids. I need a new off-hand piece of gear and a new piece of headgear. I am still wearing Frostsavage in that slot, much to my dismay. everything else I have is iLevel 200+. The thing is I don't take much stock in that, except when I know the player is pretty decent without that gear. If you can fulfil a role without the gear, then you have my vote.

I also have no gems really socketed, and NO enchants yet. I want to get my gear locked down and then do that. It will let me know what I need. It feels like I need to create a larger mana pool, I seem to burn out of mana pretty fast. Or I was thinking of going Disc... I seemed to have gotten the message that it is actually more mana-efficient, but I am definitely keeping my shadow spec.

Yesterday we did a Heroic, and basically if I had not been around, we woulda wiped. I say that with pride. Our healer, a Druid in tree form, got knocked off halfway thru a fight. I had to switch roles quickly in midfight, and pick up the heals. Needless to say, we got thru. I kept up my DOTs and continued with healing. I was so glad we were able to gains the emblems and call it a success. I enjoy those little victories!