Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gear and Customization...

Hmmmm... I was just thinking while looking at another blog by a Hunter. I saw his gear was black and looked great on him!

I have to say, why doesn't Blizzard give us the option of coloring our gear? I mean, they don't have to go crazy, but to allow us to have perhaps a say in what color scheme each gear we equip will show up as would be awesome. What with the new Barbershop thing going and how druids have a choice of the wya they want their cat/bear forms to look. I can see it going that way.

I mean to me the best way for games to move me, is to have a lot of customization, not so much that would deprive me of fun from gameplay, but enough to give me more control.

I had a talk with a buddy of mine and he said that is what drives him... Being able to customize your profile/alt/toon gives you a good feeling. I mean why not have the repspective armorers give you the ability to "dye" your armor pieces, at a price of course. But you could eventually color your gear to fit your personality. People would pay gold for this and probably pay a pretty penny, I know I would!

Weapons could be given a few options as well. A little more shine, a little bit of matte, or leave as is. Sometimes the stuff looks great as is!

This would also lead to less of a chance of coming across someone looking too close to you and allows you even more individuality among the masses. Just a thought!

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