Monday, September 14, 2009

Last 2 days...

There he sits upon an outcropping, after doing a bit of questing in the Outlands. Nothing too crazy, just destroying some Voidwalkers and dining on some swine. Yes that's right, I enjoy the bacon, but who doesn't?

The last two days have proven to be uneventful, but regardless a bit constructive. I leveled Voicless up to 63 and spent a bit of time leveling up his tailoring, such a pain! I also did a little less work in the Enchanting Department, but that is because that stuff is expensive, and as I said before I am working on saving for a third tab for my newly created guild, .

After a bit of time with Voic, I logged and then jumped on with Rottusk. Joined in on 2 runs of Hellfire Ramparts, mostly to finish a quest there, but also as a bonus, to gain some gear! I am trying to piece together enough equipment to have two sets of gear, one for tanking and one for DPS. I have to say, that with Rott, I did a decent job of Tanking on the first run. It was cool doing a job I always just watched and prayed they wouldn't die. I loved my healer, he did his job and hugs were given as we did a decent job on this. Our first party was made up of a pretty decent mixture. I was tanking as I said before. We also had a Hunter, a Rogue, and another DK running DPS. My support was in the form of a Holy Priest, who never let me down past 1/2 and kept things safe.

We never actually worried too much, and did a good job of making it thru in one piece, no wipes. So that was nice.

Second run was a little more rough. We had no real ranged DPS, so it was up to myself, another DK, and a Druid to run DPS. We had a Warrior tanking, and another Priest. Not sure what it was, but the DK we had was just not in the mood for listening. He didn't know what he was doing. The tank would pull and the minute he did so, the DK would Death Grip or whatever it's called one of the Mobs, and then next thing you know you have loss of control. I kept telling him to wait 5 secs for the Warrior to snag some Aggro, but he wouldn't listen. We finished the run, and then he was kicked from the group... I hate when people don't listen...

This is my alt, Rottusk. He has had a couple improvements to his arsenal. Well rather he has added some items to his arsenal. Nothing too crazy, a pair of blues with Cinderglacier Runes on both of them. I did this to test the viability of using dual wielding as opposed to 2-Handed weapons.

Odd thing is, maybe I am just seeing things, but I seem to mow thru mobs a lot faster, even though the stats state that I am doing less DMG on my character tab. But that could mean per weapon? Regardless, he looks like a hoss! And when he crouches down, with both swords low and ready, even better! So far I am loving this guy.

Even if he is my ALT, he has reached the same level as my main, kinda wierd? I know, but it is just that because he is a different playstyle, and I only started using his style for a mere 8 levels, it is still new and interesting to me. And I believe I have my rotation down finally. Going with Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Blood Strike, Blood Strike, Dump an Obliterate or Frost Strike in there. Afterwards, follow up with Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Blood Strike, Blood Strike, and then Dump all the runic into Obliterates and Frost Strikes. There are better ways I am sure, but I am trying ot get comfortable with this mode of play. Oh well, fun so far. I am on, reading up on their explanations here.

He also received some new boots, mostly set up for a Tank, which is where I seem to be headed anyway. But I dunno if DKs are truly viable tanks next to Pallies and Warriors. Yeah we wear plate, but we seem to have a lot of abilities that nod in the direction of DPS. But then the absence of a shield is also something worth looking at. But I can honestly say, I loved Tanking!

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