Friday, September 18, 2009

Alterac Valley

Sigh... Frustration sets in. For some reason on my server, Gundrak, Horde has an especially difficult time pulling victories for Alterac Valley. I mean it doesn't help that 75% of the time we are outnumbered from the get go, but it also doesn't help when the members start to leave, and then not 5 seconds later another person joins. If they would just tough it out, we could get to 40 people on the BG.

I get frustrated rezzing and then getting ganked because I am outnumbered 4-to-1 before I can even buff! Rediculous! But I still stay at it, i have very few instances where I have quit a BG, mostly that has to do with the wife needing some help with something.

I found out that I have a very high level of survivability in the PVP aspect of the game. I dropped DOTs on 2 of the 4 people that were ganking me, and I blew some bubbles up. Then I renewed the DOTs and started it up on the other 2. I Dispersed when my mana got halfway, because it only can regen about a third of my total mana, so ya know!? But it also kept me alive long enough for the bubble cool down. Another bubble is blown, and then I Fear all 4 of my attackers, and start renewing the DOTs. All the while I have the heals coming from the victims what with Vampiric Embrace on all of them LOL! I know they are cursing me in their mics or in their heads. My health has not really dropped below half at any point. I unleash my little squid for some more mana regen and a little extra DPS at the same time. I keep renewing the DOTs. Eventually 2 of the 4 get down to their last drops. I SW:D them and they keel over! 2 out of 4 dead!

Wow! I am not a very good player, so they must be terrible! Seriously, I only do the BGs for some of the rewards from the vendors, not because I want to Arena or anything. Plus AV gives decent EXP when we do what we are supposed to do.

Well I stilll have 2 Alli trying to gank me. Dispersion is coming up on cooldown and so is the bubble. Then I get stunned. Ugh! Oh wait, Will of the Forsaken! Survive some more!!! This whole time I am moveing around, jumping, doubling back, etc. I am also making my way towards a cliff in AV, near the GY! I get my bubble, and Dispersion is shortly following. I throw the bubble up again, and I jump off the cliff, LEVITATE! LOL! Funny thing is, I survive that battle, only to get rogue ganked... Oh well, the fun I had.

Anyway, on my way to 66, I had the chance to do something I have never really gotten a chance to do, HEAL! Yes, yes I know, I am a Priest. But I am Shadow Specced so I was pretty much stuck to DPS. But on BF I got my first taste of learning to heal. I think I did well all in all, I was the only death and that was because my tank couldn't aggro. Turns out it was his first real go at Aggro! So a lot of firsts. But then also the other members couldn't divert the mob from me, so I got ganked by 3 elites, I tried to survive, but I was massacred. The bubble can only keep so much out!

But I found that I enjoy this aspect of the raid/instance roles, so I am determined to make 1000G to get myself dual spec so I can either run Disc or Holy. I like the idea of Disc though!

Oh well, level 70, I can see you! Can't wait!!!

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