Thursday, September 10, 2009

Couple Hours...

A couple hours spent playing a bit of WOW reaped a couple benefits.

I ran a few instances with some newer players, and gave them a few 30-45 minute runs.

I did it with my Priest in RFC twice. I was suprised at how easily I walked thru RFC, well not really, I am several levels above the mobs. ;-) But with the addition of Dispersion and whatnot, I didn't have to worry about saying, "OOM 1sec." It was more like, hurry and loot those bodies, we got someplace to be!

Then I did a quick run of RFK with my DK. 30 minutes I was done. I spent the time just trying to get my rotation down and see what I felt like doing with my DK. I have to say I am impressed with Frost Tree. I was going to do Unholy, but something made me move towards Frost. I like the look and the way it plays on the screen. All a personal thing. Problem... Which is better? 2-handed or dual hand?! I am kind of at odds with how I want to go, I haven't tried the dual hand yet, because I need a set of swords I feel are of high enough value to wield.. We will see.

Reward for me from this? Spread my name around the server a bit as a helpful lil guy, and to snag some BOE items to out in the guild tab for my fellow guildmates and to use for disenchanting. I am working on building the funds up for a third Guild Tab. I have paid for 2 out of my own virtual pockets, so a third will be the last, and then the other guildmates will be contributing!

I come back to my Priest however. The DK is nice, a different toon for me to use while in different moods. I love the idea of just jumping into a fray and wielding that 2-hander around and just splitting heads. But the finesse with my Priest will always make me smile, because nothing is quite as satifying as having a cloth wearer take down multiple mobs and win!

I am also working on a little Pally, named Vaida, to give myself a few more options when I log on. I am thinking about another toon, a Hunter to give myself the DPS and soloing capability with his pet (tank).

I just love the varity that this game brings to the table. When Worgen and Goblins hit the scene, I will be getting one of those nifty looking Worgen. They look great, and I can't wait to see how a Worgen hunter is going to look with his little Wolf as a pet. We will see. I guess with all the different choices WOW grants, and with the addition of Cataclysm, my interest is being held. Also the fact that I play casually and I have a real life where I put my priorities makes WOW a hobby.

So let me see:

Voicless: Level 62 Forsaken Shadowpriest
Rottusk: Level 58 Troll Frost Death Knight
Vaida: Level 21 Blood Elf Retribution Paladin
Anonymous: Level 7 Tauren Shaman

...that basically covers 4 of the 5 Horde races. I will probably be rolling up an Orc Hunter. Just to have a character in all 5 Horde Races. I love variety. But I will probably keep one of the 2 unnamed toons anonymous just so I can keep something away from the guild. Everyone needs some time away from questions, right? :-)


choices, choices...

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