Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hey mon, how goes da life? I am a level 63 DeathKnight who is currently working to gather some gear to be able to tank and DPS! I loves me some dual wielding, and am right proud of my two little pig stickers. I know, I know, a DeathKnight, big whoop. You see dem everywhere. But let me be da first to say I am not da typical 12-year old runnin 'round Death Gripping everything I see in mah sight. When I Death Grip, I be pullin' em to da tank, not away from da tank. I give my bruddah a few seconds to catch their attention, then Mr. ICastSpellsFromHere gets a quick yank to my Tanks circle of death.

On the other hand, I love me some Tankin, and with Frost as my Spec, I have to say I do a decent job of it. I was told by several members of a few different PUGs that I did a "beautiful job" of tanking. Great to hear! I just hope people will continue to give me a chance! By da way, the names Rottusk! Peace be da Journey!

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