Monday, September 7, 2009

UIs, Macros, Mods, other customizations...

Argh! I see so many UIs and customizable aspects of WOW it is giving me a headache! Currently I am running nothing but the good old questhelper and that's it!

I would like to advance into the level of player that has a more raid useful type of UI. Of course I am not raiding at the moment, but I know I will be eventually and want to get some practice in! I know there are lots of players who have their own flavor they like.

So there we go. What's your flavor? There is no right and wrong when it comes down to stuff like this, that's why it is all personal. I for one love me some strawberry cheesecake ice cream, does that mean I am the only one who is right? Not in a world full of chocolate, vanilla, and whatever other type of flavor ice cream is running around out there! We all have our faves! Now it is just a matter of figuring out what is mine!

I guess I will be making a visit to and seeing what they got to offer! I will probably be looking at pitbull, dominos, grid, quartz, vudho, and whatever else is out there! Choices, choices, choices...

Well when I find that wonderful flavor I will be sure to let you know! If you have any recommendations, please do tell!

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