Friday, September 11, 2009

A few hours...

Logged on for a few hours, meaning like less than two hours today, and I had a little bit of fun in the Outlands.

I had a few quests to finish up, and still plenty more to finish up near Thrallmar(sp?) before I move on to the next little area located to west, where the Cenarion Circle makes their home.

I was down near the south, cleaning up some Voidwalkers to collect some quest items from them, when lo and behold! An approaching DK stops and watches my current situation. I know what is coming...

Attack from BEHIND! But he has no clue I was aware of his arrival.

He is lvl 60 and I am lvl 62, not a very large gap between us, and boy does it show. I was already involved with 2 mobs, and now he comes and adds his gargoyle, zombie, and his own crazy DPS to the fray. Needless to say, I feared him off of me for a sec, while bubbling at the same time. I know I am not going to get away, so I drop some DOTs on him and try to let them work their magic. He is hopping mad, chasing after me post fear recovery. I continue to haul and as he gets closer I disperse, giving myself a little more time. I pop out of dispersion and use another bubble and renew my DOTs. Very suprising I am still alive at this time!

At this time I am about to lose it, I know he has me beat, but the point is, I have to take him with me!!! Why yes... Yes I do. I die, and I wait it out for a sec, and he follows suit. Dead... DOTs have granted me revenge. I do a quick run back to my corpse, in hopes of reaching it before he can. I do. I recover and shortly after he is back but at half the health. I unload on him, pop bubble and drop the DOTs. His health slowly drops, but it is too late, Mind Flay follows him around, and he is having issues getting to me fast enough. I disperse once again and make my way out of there. He dies, once again. LOL!

Now, I obviously have no issues with DKs, seeing as I have one now. But do you really think that you didn't deserve that little bit of payback. You tried to(and succeeded) in ganking me while I was occupied. Luckily I keep a wide shot of my surroundings, and I was semi-prepared for your arrival. I typically abstain from ganking others while they are involved, in a lot of situations I usually ignore people. But after that little fiasco, I was totally paranoid he was going to come back as I was in the middle of things. But in the end, no go, he never shows his face again.

I then logged off Voicless, and gave Rottusk a few minutes of love. Flew him out to Outlands and started him up on the starter quests there. He did me proud and knocked out 5 quests in about 20 minutes. His Frost tree is making me feel good about it, it has this resiliency and the ability to handle several mobs at once. I am still debating 2-handed or dual wielding, but the 2-hander is getting some big hits! I love the fact that they drop plenty of cloth in the Outlands, but I am still miffed because Mageweave is so freaking expensive and kinda elusive for me to obtain!

Anyway, done for the day, I may try to log Vaida(lvl 21 Pally) on sometime tomorrow, but I have a date with a guildie to do some more Outlands quests and get my DK to level 60! Should be fun, seeing as I just finished most of those quests that I will be doing with Voicless today LOL!

Anyway, hasta la vista! I got to eat some dinner with the beautiful wife!

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