Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HTOC and the like...

I find myself getting invited to a decent amount of Heroics, and I loathe finishing them. I hate it that a Heroic can only be done once a day, it makes me tear.

In good news though, I did receive that nice knife you get from HTOC, the Kris. I was wanting that for some time and was happy to watch it drop. Only thing was, I didn't get to roll on it, because someone started looting before I returned... But the guy who won it was nice enough to pass it to me, since he rolled for an off-spec. Also a guildmate passed on a neck-piece that was a small boost to what I already had. Awesome!

Gear is slowly movin up, but I have 3 pieces from the Frostsavage set still on me. I just haven't seen drops to replace them yet. If I have seen them, it is often someone else who wins them. No biggie, but there isn't much I can do about it until they drop. I just want to be appropriate for 10 and 25 mans. I wonder if the guild is interested in running an Ony sometime in the near future.

Daiz and Naz from took me along on a Heroic earlier, I can't recall which one it was. It was the place with all the spider webs and giant beetles everywhere. It went pretty well, I was not disappointed at all. I didn't get any gear, but badges and such were received and I was happy for that.

Anyway, waiting for tomorrow to run HTOC again. Hoping no clothies show up on the group, that way I can pretty much be guaranteed some good stuff!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

No gears...

*sigh* did the daily today, which was Heroic HOS and got not a thing out of it. Also did some TOC, but no gear drops for me. I need to get into a 10-man TOC to try and get some gear. I may try to do that tomorrow, mostly because I want to be an asset to the guild. Only problem, not as many people on at the times I play. Most of this has to do with me working nights, but in a few days I will be on a day schedule, that means I can nail down some raid times during the week. Should be awesome!

My DPS today was pretty good. Against several mobs, I topped the charts, mostly has to do with the Mind Sear AOE spell. Love that thing. The tank was doing a good job, I think his name was Lumine. That was during HOS.

Now during TOC I was at the bottom of the charts. When I mean that I was at the bottom, I mean I was way down there. The tank was killing me, but what did I expect from Nazakiel, who is an overgeared Prot Pally. He is pretty much at his end game. Daiz did a wonderful job of healing, I applaud her for her work!

I wish that Holy Priests had such a nice HOT for the group, but I think we do a good job on a single target like off tanks or main tanks. But we do have some group heals, like Lightwell and POH. I do enjoy healing though, but for some reason I love feeling like I am contributing to the entirety of the group by doing a bit of DPS(around 1.5k-2k currently) while at the SAME TIME being able to support heal the entire group.

Anyway, looking to do some more heroics and TOC tomorrow! Will/should be fun!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Level 80...

I did it! Level 80 has been attained and I am feeling a big sigh of relief! Now the fun begins... Or so I thought...

One of the biggest reasons I came to this server was the low pop, mostly so I could enjoy some PVP but also so I wouldn't get ganked too often. I like PVP, but not while I am doing something PVE related. So why join a PVP server? Mostly because it was low pop...

Anyway, that is one of the downfalls of low pop, it has fewer people, and thus a harder chance of coming across people who want to run any raids/instances.

Now I am a newbie to the Heroics and level 80 content, so I am immediately looked upon with disdain. Ugh! I wanted to run some level 80 content, and I know I am not geared for any hardcore Heroics. Someone in my guild, Jodah, recommended running some of the simpler Heroics, perhaps something like Naxx. So I followed suit, and put out I wanted to give it a go. I made it very clear I was new to the Heroics, so it wouldn't seem I was trying to just stow away and get carried.

Well I got hit up by Kardai, another guild member and right nice guy, and got an invite to go to 10-man Naxx. Yay! First time! Patchwerk or whatever his name is, and his cronies. We cleared that side up till the friggin (+) and (-) thing. We had 10 men intitally, but two dropped off, and we were able to 8-man it initially. But then when it came to the polarity shift thing, people didn't understand the concept initially. That's fine, 2 wipes down, and on our third try. We got into a groove. Awesome! Note, I got some decent praise for almost saving the day! I took over healing(I was DPS) when the main healer died, and almost saved the day. But the fact that I took the initiative while on SHADOW SPEC to take up heals, it was awesome. Problem was, a friggin slime slapped me down out of nowhere. Not the tanks fault, he came from nowhere! But cheers of "Go Voic, GO!!!" was awesome! Unfortunately we still wiped, he was down so low too... Oh well, I think I got a little respect for that bit of work I did, mostly because it was unexpected. But I loved it! I love being reliable and jumping in to save the day/almost save the day. It just showed the possibility of a Shadow Priest being an awesome utility class, master of none, but a jack-of-all-trades.

Big problem though, our DPS was shot, we couldn't output enough to bring the big guy down. What a drag, he was down to 1/10 of his HP and slowly going down, but he outlasted us. Another 3.5k DPS woulda been helpful, but like I said, we lost 2 guys after our first 2 wipes. Oh well, live and learn right?

Anyway, afterwards, I got hit up by Kardai to try my hand at Heroic healing on Gundrak and took him up on that offer. I needed the practice. And we cleared it, not clear wipes, just close calls. Sometimes the tank missed an aggro, and being an undergeared clothie, I was slapped down. But the pally was able to rez me no issues. But my job as a healer went off pretty well!

Then I got invited to H UK, awesome! Cleared that one as well. I think I got knocked out once, mostly because I didn't know the rules for the 2 guys at the bottom of the stairs. I got slammed, but I kept throwing heals as a big-ass angel, and it worked out.

Anyway, it was nice. I then jumped into a WG and ISle of Conquest BG, and we won both. Friggin awesome! My gear is still subpar, but that is part of the whole concept of getting geared.

But I was lucky last night, mostly cause people were willing to take a chance on me initially. And once they saw what I was capable of in the gear I did have, I was reinvited. The thing is, getting that initial invite. But my guildies are awesome, and they will probably invite me again, *crosses fingers*.

Jen wanted to test my healing ability today, but I didn't have time, plus it was her b-day, so she wanted to go out and wished me a good day. Happy b-day Jen!

The wife was feeling a little sick last night as well. I hope that she is ok, if it gets any worse, off to the hospital we go. I am not taking any chances on her. Hope she is ok.

Anyway, level 80 was awesome, and the wife watched when I hit it and laughed while I threw a little fit! The guild chat was a wall of spam, and I warned them it was gonna happen when I capped! Plenty of Gratz and good jobs went around, and it was a good feeling.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Level 79! My goodness, I cannot believe I got thru to 79 so quickly today... Spent 75 Gold on upgrading my skills, which was affordable, but hear level 80 is a bit of a cost. I started the Holdir stuff today, so they say I should be able to get almost all the way to 80. I should be able to grind my way there after I finish the Holdir content. I noticed the HUGE difference in gear that is level 80 as opposed to 78. I cannot wait to get there.

Another topic, ToC. I participated in 4 of them this past day. W got to the second boss the first time we tried it. But had to stop, we didn't have a high enough DPS output. I was on heals, and people were staying alive for a long time, but Jen noticed that it took FOREVER to down anyone. DPS meters showed that only 1 person was consistently above 2k. If we had 2 members hitting around 1.5k, everyone else would be tolerable at under 2k. But that was not the case.

Second attempt, had a guildmate Swalla in there. It went VERY well. We had a 3.5k DPSer, and one 2.5k+ DPSers. I was on as DPS support and heals backup. The Tank was excellent, pulling over 1.5k DPS as well being an excellent tank. He controlled aggro very well. The healer was well accomplished and consistently kept every good to go. I pulled around 1.6k on average and provided plenty of support heals along with the occassional bubble on the tank. It went so well we did it twice. I got a necklace, but that was all.. No cloth drops or replacement weapons at all!

Final attempt, remember we did it twice with the same group as above. This group though was totally different. Everyone was pretty much either new to 80 or not level 80 yet. I was 78, and one of the members, a shaman, was level 78. Needless to say, this did not go well. We wiped over 5 times and the repair bill was costly. We did beat the first two bosses, and got thru to phase 3 of the Black Knight. But the finaly incarnation of the Black Knight was AOE damaging all of us, even with Shadow Prot it was doing a pretty nasty amount of damage. I did however get 2 drops, a nice set of shoulders and a nice belt! ;-)

Seriously, I am liking this road to level 80, and can't wait to raid as level 80. The guildies were happy when I dinged 79! Plenty of gratz from the guild members and plenty of "hurry and get to 80 so we can raid!" as well. I love this guild!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Current status...

Well I took some screenshots of my stats at this time. I am pretty happy with the way I am sitting. As I said in one of my previous posts, I have no enchants on my gear, all of it is basic with no upgrades. So once I get some enchants, I should see an increase.
As you can seeon the right, well if the pic is not too small, my stats are giving me 1121 in bonus healing/damage. Which is not too shabby in what I am wearing. Now the next pic has me buffed with stamina and spirit.
On this second pic you can see that there is a slight increase in my bonus to heals and damage. I jump from 1121 to 1268. So a 147 point increase, not too bad right? My thing is, where should I head to next with enchants? What enchants should I go for next? I don't know if I want to head for more intellect or if I want to try and hit up spellpower. Or perhaps even haste. In all regards, I read that SP is top of the list. Then crit, haste, spirit, int, and finally hit. But if I am headed in a healing direction, how do I know when I have enough of a bonus to heals that I can switch into intellect for a larger mana pool? Or should I be going for haste? Or is all of this based upon preference? Do you just playtest it and adjust accordingly? I have no clue!
I am looking to playtest and work towards a happy medium! I want the following:
1. To have a strong heal base. I mean that I want to be able to heal exceptionally well and basically keep everyone in the 75% or higher range of their health.
2. I don't want to run out of mana while only 50% of the way thru the battle. So a large enough mana pool would be nice.
3. I still want to be viable as DPS. Now Shadowpriests are in a peculiar place, because they are not exceptional deeps, and have a hard time topping charts on single targets. Now on multiple targets, a slightly different story. What with DOTs and Mind Sear, we can do a decent job in DPSing. So I still want to provide a noticeable amount of DPS if asked to be Deeps.
4. I need to be decently quick at spellcasting, this calls for haste. But I need to find a happy medium where it fits into a kind of pattern on casting.
5. Mana regen is slightly important, but if my mana pool is large enough, is mana regen all that important? I mean consider the use of pots or drinks for those times I "OOM" between pulls. If I am prepared with drinks and whatnot, I don't see a need for large amounts of mana regen capability. But a large mana pool, that IS something I want!
I just want to have utility. I know, I will probably have to obtain two sets of gear, hopefully the guild will have some opinions on my play while raiding. If they can tell me what I need to work on, it will be able to tailor the use of equipment to my needs. I will also be able to work on my style of play.
I will make sure to get with the guild members on this when I log back on.
Status update on ... We have hit over 90 members, with probably over 2/5 of the guild being at the 80 cap. It could be as much as half by the end of tonight. Afterall, several members are at around 77+ and can grind their way to 80. It will be great! We are trying to get a guild that can run 25s with pretty much NO inclusion of PUGers. Although there are a few toons walking around in the server who I would be happy to have along for a raid. Namely Daiz and Naz. Both are great people, and Naz has been at it for some time. Daiz is an ambitious healer, with a level 80 Druid. Both are from the guild and were very helpful to me when I first joined the server!
Oh well... More to come later on...


Halloween is coming... And Blizzard is celebrating. Voicless took the time to pose next to a Cyclops-style pumpkin!

They have a few quests coming out that are Halloween themed and I took part in a couple, but had to log off soon afterwards. I will try to do a few of them tomorrow, but I more inclined to work towards my lvl 79 goal! And yes, the 2xExp bar is full, so level 79 is definitely doable in a few hours!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Frostsavage Cowl
Frostsavage Shoulders
Frostsavage Robe
Frostsavage Gloves
Frostsavage Leggings
Frostsavage Boots

Those are the 6 pieces I have currently, but I am not looking for the other 2 really. I figure 6/8 is pretty good. Haven't gotten to try out the gear yet, but I will probably do a run in the morning of some kind, but I do need to get those enchants for intellect or spirit. I think intellect is probably more important, the larger my mana pool, the longer I can last in the healing game...


Ding!!! Should I be excited? Nope, I still have two levels to go, and realized that I don't want to do anything till I have hit lvl 80. I did do myself a little bit of a favor and bought Voicless some nice gear for 78s from a Tailor I know, who is also offering to enchant them as long as I can get the mats. Shoutout to Daiz!

Anyway, now that I am at 78, I feel much better and I seem to be getting a bit of attention to be pulled on as a healer a lot more often. The new gear I bought seems to have done a number on me for spirit, but has nicely supplemented it with some awesome spellpower. My bonus healing/damage is around 1500 right now, but I haven't even gotten the items enchanted yet. But out of the possible set of 8, I own 6 of them. So the resilience bonus and whatnot are ok. I also have the gear that grants plenty of stamina, which is great for Shadow, seeing as I solo a lot of things, more HP means more time to live. I am thinking half the gear towards intellect and the other half towards spellpower. Is spirit still disappearing?

Anyway, the 2xExp bar is about 2/3 of the way full, mostly because I go full days without playing, thanks to the schedule. But it should be about full by the time I get home from work tomorrow. And then the climb to 79 begins.

I want to talk about something. Something everyone in a guild will encounter or already have encountered... I call it organizing for raids...

I asked in my guild chat that everyone register to the webpage and the forum so we can figure out the raid times/groups/schedule/etc... Well someone threw up a comment in chat that "webpages, imo are unnecessary now with the guild calendar." Well I wasn't sure what to say to that, but from what I understood, this is a great tool IF you have a schedule/groups already worked out. I was thinking more along the lines of the guild having a forum discussion on raid dates/times and trying to figure out a system for making sure of the members who will be participating and should be present. I know the calendar is great, BUT, what if you have no foundation on which to base it on? What if no one has voiced their opinion on when the agreed raid times will be?

I know we use the guild info section for broadcasting the raid times that are upcoming, but what if I want to know a week or two ahead of time so I can coordinate with the wife? I have a life outside of WOW, a very active and fulfilling life, so being able to plan things is key to being happy here. I will try to get everyone to register on the forum at least, and try to approach my GM about making it a mandatory requirement. Basically headed in the direction that if you don't register you don't raid, easy as that... I don't find it unreasonable to require guild members to be required to make themselves another step more accessible on the webpage/forums. In fact it would make it so they don't have to log in, try to get some info from the GM/Officers, wait for someone to log on to ask them... It would mean there would be no dependence on requiring a presently typed msg in guild chat... I think it could also be more economical of our guild chat, keeping the clutter out and making sure only what needs to be talked about be brought up.

Maybe it is just the "old man" in me coming? Will keep ya'll posted!

Friday, October 16, 2009


*Sigh* I hate when work interferes with mith my WOW life... I am less than a bar away from 78 and trying to get mor einvolved with the guild runs and whatnot, but alas, work calls and I have to report to duty at 1800...

So I guess in the morn I will be getting that last little bit of work in and trying to start the process of getting into some nice gear!

What I do dislike is the Nesingwary Quests. Kill 60 friggin beasts?! Wow, talk about a waste of time, but I did it, and it only put me that much closer to my goal. But once I am out of the Basin, I will be much happier. I just hope that I can push thru 78-80 as fast I did 76-78. I say that while taking into account what type of availability to WOW I have had. The last 3 days I have not jumped on the game, Real Life calls, and I spent the time with my wife in Tokyo. I cannot complain, fun times. All it did was build up my 2x Exp bar, which does nothing more than make the uphill battle to the next level even more tolerable.

On a note that has nothing to do with anything WOW, I just saw the Quizno's new sandwich, looks to be a tasty Philly Cheesesteak. Only thing is, there is no Quizno's here in Japan. I can't wait to get home in january for my visit to the States!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hall of Stone...

Someone mentioned that this instance can take a bit of time, but we cleared this pretty quick. Of course I had a few guildmates on my side, namely Jen(lvl 80 'lock). So it was more of a cinch.

The group was composed of:

Tank: Lvl 76 Pally
Heals: Me! Lvl 76 Holy Spec Priest
DPS: Jen Lvl 80 'lock
DPS: Lvl 78 Shadow Priest(yay for face melting!)
DPS: Lvl 80 Shammy

Anyway, all the fights went fine mostly because of the higher than needed lvls of the 78+ members. Thanks again!!!

One of the things I noticed, was the tank was not really a good tank. I know he has a lower lvl than the other members, and so was going to have to beat them out on having aggro. But even with a few seconds of leeway to allow him to gain some aggro, he just couldn't hold on to them. Also adds... He/she couldn't handle the friggin adds. Seriously? Why volunteer to tank?! Maybe I am being too hard on the player, but seriously, if you have ever tanked, then you should know the basic concepts... If you can't handle adds, but can hold onto what you are tanking, then I can be pretty understanding. Sometimes being aware of your surroundings can be difficult, but it is essential for a Tank! Anyway, next rant...

Fire, circles, laser beams... Don't stand in them, don't run into them! Wierd... Why would you stand in something that can hurt you... 2 of the 3 members didn't follow this rule and instead bathed in the pit that is a void when the Maiden of Grief gets angry. WHY WOULD YOU STAND IN THERE!!! Don't you see your health dwindling!?!?!

I was furious, but the healer in me threw out heals like a madman and no one died. But Jen, was pretty upset about that. She told me to not heal anyone who stands in the fires just so they can understand what it can do to you. I obliged, but the rest of the group saw what she had wrote, and decided they should not stand in the fire... Why didn't they do that before? Probably because they were lazy and because I was facilitating it by keeping them alive... Never again, I will let the group wipe next time something like that happens.

Well anyway, the Maiden fell to massive DPS and was easily downed. Just had a few hectic moments of keeping everyone alive.

Krystallus... I died, but we lived. I got hit by successive attacks for some reason, probably being turned to stone then hit with a random boulder? I think my heals caused me to snag the aggro, but it wasn't like the Tank was all that successful to hold aggro in the first place. I died, but I was turned into an "Angel" and threw out some quick heals to top people off, and threw out a Renew or two to keep them capped off. He fell shortly after. Was rezzed by the Pally, and onward we went.

The Tribunal was a piece of cake, just mobs to control and basically deal with like you do any other pull. Again, bad tank = a running battle with me running around trying to keep the mobs from contacting me. I usually ran thru the middle of the battle while being followed so that my group members' AOE DPS would cause them to change their focus... I think it is a rather unnecessary thing for me to have to do, but you know, make due with what you have.

Sjonnir, the Ironshaper. More like the Claymaker. He fell apart pretty easily. Standard Tank and Spank, just keep the tank at 75% or higher, and throw a few CoH or PoHs around to keep the others topped off, and you got yourself a bit of buffer. Anyway, he fell easily enough.

HoS, not too bad, decent XP, and got a new backpiece. Oh well...

So level 76, tomorrow I plan to do my darnedest to hit 77, or even 78 so I can contribute more to the guild and participate in some Raids. Can't wait, I get excited with the prospect of healing a raid. Of course I will probably be given a minor role, and just be off-tank heals or perhaps group heals. Although I think a Resto Shaman or a Druid will be better at that, I have a much easier time focusing on a single target, but Holy seems versatile enough. Anyway, all done for the night...

See ya in the fight!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Typhoon time...

Well this week has been quite eventful. Lot of work to do and work that was required to be done. A Typhoon came thru Japan, and it gave me some time to just play a bit of WOW. It got decently wet, however, I believe we suffered very little. The only true benefit was that I got an extra day off, no complaining here.

Voicless enjoyed some attention and he progressed a little bit more. When I say a little, I actually mean a little more than that... He has hit the 75 wall, and passed it. He is currently sitting at a pretty little 76 and is enjoying the use of Mind Sear. Killing multiple aggros while under the protection of a PW:S is rather fun.

I am now open for HoS for Ulduar, and will be looking forward to running that sometime tomorrow. Well perhaps on Saturday. Either way, I will be glad to give it a go. My first steps to more serious instances/raids.

I did enjoy a bit of fun on AV, and I believe I had to have contributed to our wins. I topped the charts on healing, and made it difficult for anyone who I tagged along with to die. But the wierd thing is, I stayed in Shadow mode. Odd? I thought so too, initially it was a mistake on my part. But I stuck with it, and I worked what wonders I could with what I had. I chose not to jump into shadowform, and stayed out, and instead played healer as Shadow. Did it work? Yes... I threw Renews and PW:S onto those who were my focus. Then ayone who tangled with my partner, got hit up with some DOTs and times Fears to buy me healing time. With Dispersion and Shadowfiend, mana was not even an issue.

I was able to survive nearly the entire battle, which is really odd. But with the ability to Disperse and throw Shields on myself, I could survive long enough for whoever I latched onto to save me. Then I would heal them and throw my annoying DOTs. Those who tried to run away, eventually died, I know it must have been frustrating. Mindflay also threw a wrench into any opponents plan, especially those that attempt to break thru the mass wall of Horde by riding thru. I slowed them down, then they got jumped on by my fellow Hordies.

So a bunch of DPS and HPS was thrown around, and I received a decent amount of praise. I topped the healing charts... How was that possible? I know we had some Resto Druids and some other healers running around with us. But I feel that they were dying more than living. We downed Bal quickly and that was actually what gave me the Ding to level 76. Oh yay!

Anyway, it was a pretty productive few days, and I know that 80 should be attainable before the end of the month, well at least I hope so!

Until next time!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I made some... Needless to say it was not exactly as much as I wanted to make, but that is ok. I do what I can with the amount of time I had. The moonlit pic is a pic of Voicless at 73. He had the same staff from the two previous levels, and was just soloing for the most part. He kept the Shadow Spec as his main tool and continued to mow thru mobs like a hot knife thru butter. I enjoy that solo aspect of the game and the fact that I do not have to rely on anybody else to make for an easier time questing... But sometimes you want a change...
A change I had. I recently had purchased Dual Spec and was NOT disappointed. Initially I continued to Shadow Spec in instances, but then after I was given the opportunity to heal a few instances, my name was passed around and the once unholy Voicless, was spending his time in Holy Spec, healing people. I spent the majority of my last few days of play time in Holy Spec and snagged for instance after instance. Also, due to the large number of DKs and Warriors as of late on my level, I seemed to be the only cloth wearer in the group, so I received any cloth I wanted. I got that nifty looking sword(which in all reality is an oversized knife) and a nice book to read as I was grouping. Both gave me about a total of 50 spellpower increase over the staff I had in possession earlier. I also have to say that I look a bit more intimidating, but my knife skills were sitting around 60, so I spent my time attacking rabbits, roaches, lizards, and whatever else could be one-shotted by my inferior knife-fighting skills.
Holy is such a huge change from Shadow, but not a disappointing one. It gives a huge change of pace, and gives me a different sense of accomplishment. One where I saved the day!
For instance, the other night, I ran VH with me being the heals and with a group of toons ranging from lvl 73-77. That made for a very interesting fight. At one point it was just me and the lvl 77 Shaman. The tank got knocked out, mostly because while in the middle of casting I was interrupted and the tank we being difficult and running around. This kept putting him in a position of being out of my LOS. Anyway, the Shaman and I worked it out and were the only two alive, fighting the lady-dragon at the end. How very nice. Well I kept Shields up as much as possible and PoH and Flash Heals, along with a little Renew... I also took advantage of the Shadowfiend and regained some mana when I hit about halfway. The battle lasted a while longer, and eventually we downed the beast. I was OOM and the Shaman was very much dead, but not dead... You know what I mean. But needless to say High-Fives were passed around and congratulations were passed around!!!
That made me happy. People really appreciate me keeping them alive, and I love it when it shows.
On the flip side, I had a complaint from a member. He plays a DK at level 74 and was speccing frost... Needless to say that I was a little disconcerting. But regardless, we went along with it, maybe he knows something we don't? Well, once tank hit the boss, he immediately followed after. With his frost spec he ended up gaining aggro, because he used abilities that would do so!!! So needless to say, he got one shotted by the level 77 lady-dragon, and was a goner in the first 15 seconds of battle.
Well after he died, he sends a party tell stating that I let him die... I was furious. I don't just let people die, that was rediculous. So I ignored it till the end of the battle, and then lit into him. I gave him the lowdown on how I work and how it was gonna be if he ever continues to be in the group as we instance a few more places. I told him that the Tank is who I care about, I don't care about anyone else. If the tank dies, we die... I told him he needs to respec or stay away from attacks that cause large amounts of threat. He pretty much left it at that, and didn't make another complaint for the rest of the duration of our night doing instances.
Almost to level 75, once I hit that, Mind Sear here I come!!! Can't wait to solo mob groups for quick leveling!! ;-) I can meet questing requirements quickly this way too, especially for the "slay this many to complete the quest." I can also do some farming this way. Sounds like a good time!
Anyway, 75 should be obtainable in about a day or two. Then I do a little bit of work with the guildies. But 78 is where I want to be! Anyway, till next time!