Friday, September 25, 2009

This coming weekend...

This coming weekend is going to busy, busy, busy... I have a little social event called a "Ball" coming, and it is supposed to commence somewhere around 1900. But earlier in the day, my wife will be teaching several classes, so she is the one that will be swamped. I on the other hand will take advantage of her absence to jump on the WOW wagon and do some work towards the next levels.

Currently I sit at around 8/10 of the way to level 71. I am hoping that before the end of the weekend I am sitting at a happy level 73. But that is pretty optimistic, considering how much exp is required to get there. I have no issues about taking the time to get to level 80, I just would rather be there ASAP so I can participate in some PUGs with a few guildmates to get some practice in before the flood of fellow members hit the 80 mark. This will ensure that I have some experience in some of the runs, and won't be behind the curve. I have a tendency to become anxious and research stuff like that, just so I am in the loop.

That brings me to my thought of the week. Research. Should you do Research before making your way into an instance?

I am slightly partial to a yes, mostly because wiping/dying is not too fun and you end up having to make a huge run back to the instance, or getting a battle rez(hope someone has that!).

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