Sunday, October 4, 2009


I made some... Needless to say it was not exactly as much as I wanted to make, but that is ok. I do what I can with the amount of time I had. The moonlit pic is a pic of Voicless at 73. He had the same staff from the two previous levels, and was just soloing for the most part. He kept the Shadow Spec as his main tool and continued to mow thru mobs like a hot knife thru butter. I enjoy that solo aspect of the game and the fact that I do not have to rely on anybody else to make for an easier time questing... But sometimes you want a change...
A change I had. I recently had purchased Dual Spec and was NOT disappointed. Initially I continued to Shadow Spec in instances, but then after I was given the opportunity to heal a few instances, my name was passed around and the once unholy Voicless, was spending his time in Holy Spec, healing people. I spent the majority of my last few days of play time in Holy Spec and snagged for instance after instance. Also, due to the large number of DKs and Warriors as of late on my level, I seemed to be the only cloth wearer in the group, so I received any cloth I wanted. I got that nifty looking sword(which in all reality is an oversized knife) and a nice book to read as I was grouping. Both gave me about a total of 50 spellpower increase over the staff I had in possession earlier. I also have to say that I look a bit more intimidating, but my knife skills were sitting around 60, so I spent my time attacking rabbits, roaches, lizards, and whatever else could be one-shotted by my inferior knife-fighting skills.
Holy is such a huge change from Shadow, but not a disappointing one. It gives a huge change of pace, and gives me a different sense of accomplishment. One where I saved the day!
For instance, the other night, I ran VH with me being the heals and with a group of toons ranging from lvl 73-77. That made for a very interesting fight. At one point it was just me and the lvl 77 Shaman. The tank got knocked out, mostly because while in the middle of casting I was interrupted and the tank we being difficult and running around. This kept putting him in a position of being out of my LOS. Anyway, the Shaman and I worked it out and were the only two alive, fighting the lady-dragon at the end. How very nice. Well I kept Shields up as much as possible and PoH and Flash Heals, along with a little Renew... I also took advantage of the Shadowfiend and regained some mana when I hit about halfway. The battle lasted a while longer, and eventually we downed the beast. I was OOM and the Shaman was very much dead, but not dead... You know what I mean. But needless to say High-Fives were passed around and congratulations were passed around!!!
That made me happy. People really appreciate me keeping them alive, and I love it when it shows.
On the flip side, I had a complaint from a member. He plays a DK at level 74 and was speccing frost... Needless to say that I was a little disconcerting. But regardless, we went along with it, maybe he knows something we don't? Well, once tank hit the boss, he immediately followed after. With his frost spec he ended up gaining aggro, because he used abilities that would do so!!! So needless to say, he got one shotted by the level 77 lady-dragon, and was a goner in the first 15 seconds of battle.
Well after he died, he sends a party tell stating that I let him die... I was furious. I don't just let people die, that was rediculous. So I ignored it till the end of the battle, and then lit into him. I gave him the lowdown on how I work and how it was gonna be if he ever continues to be in the group as we instance a few more places. I told him that the Tank is who I care about, I don't care about anyone else. If the tank dies, we die... I told him he needs to respec or stay away from attacks that cause large amounts of threat. He pretty much left it at that, and didn't make another complaint for the rest of the duration of our night doing instances.
Almost to level 75, once I hit that, Mind Sear here I come!!! Can't wait to solo mob groups for quick leveling!! ;-) I can meet questing requirements quickly this way too, especially for the "slay this many to complete the quest." I can also do some farming this way. Sounds like a good time!
Anyway, 75 should be obtainable in about a day or two. Then I do a little bit of work with the guildies. But 78 is where I want to be! Anyway, till next time!

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