Sunday, October 18, 2009

Current status...

Well I took some screenshots of my stats at this time. I am pretty happy with the way I am sitting. As I said in one of my previous posts, I have no enchants on my gear, all of it is basic with no upgrades. So once I get some enchants, I should see an increase.
As you can seeon the right, well if the pic is not too small, my stats are giving me 1121 in bonus healing/damage. Which is not too shabby in what I am wearing. Now the next pic has me buffed with stamina and spirit.
On this second pic you can see that there is a slight increase in my bonus to heals and damage. I jump from 1121 to 1268. So a 147 point increase, not too bad right? My thing is, where should I head to next with enchants? What enchants should I go for next? I don't know if I want to head for more intellect or if I want to try and hit up spellpower. Or perhaps even haste. In all regards, I read that SP is top of the list. Then crit, haste, spirit, int, and finally hit. But if I am headed in a healing direction, how do I know when I have enough of a bonus to heals that I can switch into intellect for a larger mana pool? Or should I be going for haste? Or is all of this based upon preference? Do you just playtest it and adjust accordingly? I have no clue!
I am looking to playtest and work towards a happy medium! I want the following:
1. To have a strong heal base. I mean that I want to be able to heal exceptionally well and basically keep everyone in the 75% or higher range of their health.
2. I don't want to run out of mana while only 50% of the way thru the battle. So a large enough mana pool would be nice.
3. I still want to be viable as DPS. Now Shadowpriests are in a peculiar place, because they are not exceptional deeps, and have a hard time topping charts on single targets. Now on multiple targets, a slightly different story. What with DOTs and Mind Sear, we can do a decent job in DPSing. So I still want to provide a noticeable amount of DPS if asked to be Deeps.
4. I need to be decently quick at spellcasting, this calls for haste. But I need to find a happy medium where it fits into a kind of pattern on casting.
5. Mana regen is slightly important, but if my mana pool is large enough, is mana regen all that important? I mean consider the use of pots or drinks for those times I "OOM" between pulls. If I am prepared with drinks and whatnot, I don't see a need for large amounts of mana regen capability. But a large mana pool, that IS something I want!
I just want to have utility. I know, I will probably have to obtain two sets of gear, hopefully the guild will have some opinions on my play while raiding. If they can tell me what I need to work on, it will be able to tailor the use of equipment to my needs. I will also be able to work on my style of play.
I will make sure to get with the guild members on this when I log back on.
Status update on ... We have hit over 90 members, with probably over 2/5 of the guild being at the 80 cap. It could be as much as half by the end of tonight. Afterall, several members are at around 77+ and can grind their way to 80. It will be great! We are trying to get a guild that can run 25s with pretty much NO inclusion of PUGers. Although there are a few toons walking around in the server who I would be happy to have along for a raid. Namely Daiz and Naz. Both are great people, and Naz has been at it for some time. Daiz is an ambitious healer, with a level 80 Druid. Both are from the guild and were very helpful to me when I first joined the server!
Oh well... More to come later on...

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