Saturday, October 17, 2009


Ding!!! Should I be excited? Nope, I still have two levels to go, and realized that I don't want to do anything till I have hit lvl 80. I did do myself a little bit of a favor and bought Voicless some nice gear for 78s from a Tailor I know, who is also offering to enchant them as long as I can get the mats. Shoutout to Daiz!

Anyway, now that I am at 78, I feel much better and I seem to be getting a bit of attention to be pulled on as a healer a lot more often. The new gear I bought seems to have done a number on me for spirit, but has nicely supplemented it with some awesome spellpower. My bonus healing/damage is around 1500 right now, but I haven't even gotten the items enchanted yet. But out of the possible set of 8, I own 6 of them. So the resilience bonus and whatnot are ok. I also have the gear that grants plenty of stamina, which is great for Shadow, seeing as I solo a lot of things, more HP means more time to live. I am thinking half the gear towards intellect and the other half towards spellpower. Is spirit still disappearing?

Anyway, the 2xExp bar is about 2/3 of the way full, mostly because I go full days without playing, thanks to the schedule. But it should be about full by the time I get home from work tomorrow. And then the climb to 79 begins.

I want to talk about something. Something everyone in a guild will encounter or already have encountered... I call it organizing for raids...

I asked in my guild chat that everyone register to the webpage and the forum so we can figure out the raid times/groups/schedule/etc... Well someone threw up a comment in chat that "webpages, imo are unnecessary now with the guild calendar." Well I wasn't sure what to say to that, but from what I understood, this is a great tool IF you have a schedule/groups already worked out. I was thinking more along the lines of the guild having a forum discussion on raid dates/times and trying to figure out a system for making sure of the members who will be participating and should be present. I know the calendar is great, BUT, what if you have no foundation on which to base it on? What if no one has voiced their opinion on when the agreed raid times will be?

I know we use the guild info section for broadcasting the raid times that are upcoming, but what if I want to know a week or two ahead of time so I can coordinate with the wife? I have a life outside of WOW, a very active and fulfilling life, so being able to plan things is key to being happy here. I will try to get everyone to register on the forum at least, and try to approach my GM about making it a mandatory requirement. Basically headed in the direction that if you don't register you don't raid, easy as that... I don't find it unreasonable to require guild members to be required to make themselves another step more accessible on the webpage/forums. In fact it would make it so they don't have to log in, try to get some info from the GM/Officers, wait for someone to log on to ask them... It would mean there would be no dependence on requiring a presently typed msg in guild chat... I think it could also be more economical of our guild chat, keeping the clutter out and making sure only what needs to be talked about be brought up.

Maybe it is just the "old man" in me coming? Will keep ya'll posted!

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