Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Level 79! My goodness, I cannot believe I got thru to 79 so quickly today... Spent 75 Gold on upgrading my skills, which was affordable, but hear level 80 is a bit of a cost. I started the Holdir stuff today, so they say I should be able to get almost all the way to 80. I should be able to grind my way there after I finish the Holdir content. I noticed the HUGE difference in gear that is level 80 as opposed to 78. I cannot wait to get there.

Another topic, ToC. I participated in 4 of them this past day. W got to the second boss the first time we tried it. But had to stop, we didn't have a high enough DPS output. I was on heals, and people were staying alive for a long time, but Jen noticed that it took FOREVER to down anyone. DPS meters showed that only 1 person was consistently above 2k. If we had 2 members hitting around 1.5k, everyone else would be tolerable at under 2k. But that was not the case.

Second attempt, had a guildmate Swalla in there. It went VERY well. We had a 3.5k DPSer, and one 2.5k+ DPSers. I was on as DPS support and heals backup. The Tank was excellent, pulling over 1.5k DPS as well being an excellent tank. He controlled aggro very well. The healer was well accomplished and consistently kept every good to go. I pulled around 1.6k on average and provided plenty of support heals along with the occassional bubble on the tank. It went so well we did it twice. I got a necklace, but that was all.. No cloth drops or replacement weapons at all!

Final attempt, remember we did it twice with the same group as above. This group though was totally different. Everyone was pretty much either new to 80 or not level 80 yet. I was 78, and one of the members, a shaman, was level 78. Needless to say, this did not go well. We wiped over 5 times and the repair bill was costly. We did beat the first two bosses, and got thru to phase 3 of the Black Knight. But the finaly incarnation of the Black Knight was AOE damaging all of us, even with Shadow Prot it was doing a pretty nasty amount of damage. I did however get 2 drops, a nice set of shoulders and a nice belt! ;-)

Seriously, I am liking this road to level 80, and can't wait to raid as level 80. The guildies were happy when I dinged 79! Plenty of gratz from the guild members and plenty of "hurry and get to 80 so we can raid!" as well. I love this guild!

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