Sunday, October 25, 2009

No gears...

*sigh* did the daily today, which was Heroic HOS and got not a thing out of it. Also did some TOC, but no gear drops for me. I need to get into a 10-man TOC to try and get some gear. I may try to do that tomorrow, mostly because I want to be an asset to the guild. Only problem, not as many people on at the times I play. Most of this has to do with me working nights, but in a few days I will be on a day schedule, that means I can nail down some raid times during the week. Should be awesome!

My DPS today was pretty good. Against several mobs, I topped the charts, mostly has to do with the Mind Sear AOE spell. Love that thing. The tank was doing a good job, I think his name was Lumine. That was during HOS.

Now during TOC I was at the bottom of the charts. When I mean that I was at the bottom, I mean I was way down there. The tank was killing me, but what did I expect from Nazakiel, who is an overgeared Prot Pally. He is pretty much at his end game. Daiz did a wonderful job of healing, I applaud her for her work!

I wish that Holy Priests had such a nice HOT for the group, but I think we do a good job on a single target like off tanks or main tanks. But we do have some group heals, like Lightwell and POH. I do enjoy healing though, but for some reason I love feeling like I am contributing to the entirety of the group by doing a bit of DPS(around 1.5k-2k currently) while at the SAME TIME being able to support heal the entire group.

Anyway, looking to do some more heroics and TOC tomorrow! Will/should be fun!

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