Saturday, October 24, 2009

Level 80...

I did it! Level 80 has been attained and I am feeling a big sigh of relief! Now the fun begins... Or so I thought...

One of the biggest reasons I came to this server was the low pop, mostly so I could enjoy some PVP but also so I wouldn't get ganked too often. I like PVP, but not while I am doing something PVE related. So why join a PVP server? Mostly because it was low pop...

Anyway, that is one of the downfalls of low pop, it has fewer people, and thus a harder chance of coming across people who want to run any raids/instances.

Now I am a newbie to the Heroics and level 80 content, so I am immediately looked upon with disdain. Ugh! I wanted to run some level 80 content, and I know I am not geared for any hardcore Heroics. Someone in my guild, Jodah, recommended running some of the simpler Heroics, perhaps something like Naxx. So I followed suit, and put out I wanted to give it a go. I made it very clear I was new to the Heroics, so it wouldn't seem I was trying to just stow away and get carried.

Well I got hit up by Kardai, another guild member and right nice guy, and got an invite to go to 10-man Naxx. Yay! First time! Patchwerk or whatever his name is, and his cronies. We cleared that side up till the friggin (+) and (-) thing. We had 10 men intitally, but two dropped off, and we were able to 8-man it initially. But then when it came to the polarity shift thing, people didn't understand the concept initially. That's fine, 2 wipes down, and on our third try. We got into a groove. Awesome! Note, I got some decent praise for almost saving the day! I took over healing(I was DPS) when the main healer died, and almost saved the day. But the fact that I took the initiative while on SHADOW SPEC to take up heals, it was awesome. Problem was, a friggin slime slapped me down out of nowhere. Not the tanks fault, he came from nowhere! But cheers of "Go Voic, GO!!!" was awesome! Unfortunately we still wiped, he was down so low too... Oh well, I think I got a little respect for that bit of work I did, mostly because it was unexpected. But I loved it! I love being reliable and jumping in to save the day/almost save the day. It just showed the possibility of a Shadow Priest being an awesome utility class, master of none, but a jack-of-all-trades.

Big problem though, our DPS was shot, we couldn't output enough to bring the big guy down. What a drag, he was down to 1/10 of his HP and slowly going down, but he outlasted us. Another 3.5k DPS woulda been helpful, but like I said, we lost 2 guys after our first 2 wipes. Oh well, live and learn right?

Anyway, afterwards, I got hit up by Kardai to try my hand at Heroic healing on Gundrak and took him up on that offer. I needed the practice. And we cleared it, not clear wipes, just close calls. Sometimes the tank missed an aggro, and being an undergeared clothie, I was slapped down. But the pally was able to rez me no issues. But my job as a healer went off pretty well!

Then I got invited to H UK, awesome! Cleared that one as well. I think I got knocked out once, mostly because I didn't know the rules for the 2 guys at the bottom of the stairs. I got slammed, but I kept throwing heals as a big-ass angel, and it worked out.

Anyway, it was nice. I then jumped into a WG and ISle of Conquest BG, and we won both. Friggin awesome! My gear is still subpar, but that is part of the whole concept of getting geared.

But I was lucky last night, mostly cause people were willing to take a chance on me initially. And once they saw what I was capable of in the gear I did have, I was reinvited. The thing is, getting that initial invite. But my guildies are awesome, and they will probably invite me again, *crosses fingers*.

Jen wanted to test my healing ability today, but I didn't have time, plus it was her b-day, so she wanted to go out and wished me a good day. Happy b-day Jen!

The wife was feeling a little sick last night as well. I hope that she is ok, if it gets any worse, off to the hospital we go. I am not taking any chances on her. Hope she is ok.

Anyway, level 80 was awesome, and the wife watched when I hit it and laughed while I threw a little fit! The guild chat was a wall of spam, and I warned them it was gonna happen when I capped! Plenty of Gratz and good jobs went around, and it was a good feeling.

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