Thursday, October 8, 2009

Typhoon time...

Well this week has been quite eventful. Lot of work to do and work that was required to be done. A Typhoon came thru Japan, and it gave me some time to just play a bit of WOW. It got decently wet, however, I believe we suffered very little. The only true benefit was that I got an extra day off, no complaining here.

Voicless enjoyed some attention and he progressed a little bit more. When I say a little, I actually mean a little more than that... He has hit the 75 wall, and passed it. He is currently sitting at a pretty little 76 and is enjoying the use of Mind Sear. Killing multiple aggros while under the protection of a PW:S is rather fun.

I am now open for HoS for Ulduar, and will be looking forward to running that sometime tomorrow. Well perhaps on Saturday. Either way, I will be glad to give it a go. My first steps to more serious instances/raids.

I did enjoy a bit of fun on AV, and I believe I had to have contributed to our wins. I topped the charts on healing, and made it difficult for anyone who I tagged along with to die. But the wierd thing is, I stayed in Shadow mode. Odd? I thought so too, initially it was a mistake on my part. But I stuck with it, and I worked what wonders I could with what I had. I chose not to jump into shadowform, and stayed out, and instead played healer as Shadow. Did it work? Yes... I threw Renews and PW:S onto those who were my focus. Then ayone who tangled with my partner, got hit up with some DOTs and times Fears to buy me healing time. With Dispersion and Shadowfiend, mana was not even an issue.

I was able to survive nearly the entire battle, which is really odd. But with the ability to Disperse and throw Shields on myself, I could survive long enough for whoever I latched onto to save me. Then I would heal them and throw my annoying DOTs. Those who tried to run away, eventually died, I know it must have been frustrating. Mindflay also threw a wrench into any opponents plan, especially those that attempt to break thru the mass wall of Horde by riding thru. I slowed them down, then they got jumped on by my fellow Hordies.

So a bunch of DPS and HPS was thrown around, and I received a decent amount of praise. I topped the healing charts... How was that possible? I know we had some Resto Druids and some other healers running around with us. But I feel that they were dying more than living. We downed Bal quickly and that was actually what gave me the Ding to level 76. Oh yay!

Anyway, it was a pretty productive few days, and I know that 80 should be attainable before the end of the month, well at least I hope so!

Until next time!

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