Friday, October 9, 2009

Hall of Stone...

Someone mentioned that this instance can take a bit of time, but we cleared this pretty quick. Of course I had a few guildmates on my side, namely Jen(lvl 80 'lock). So it was more of a cinch.

The group was composed of:

Tank: Lvl 76 Pally
Heals: Me! Lvl 76 Holy Spec Priest
DPS: Jen Lvl 80 'lock
DPS: Lvl 78 Shadow Priest(yay for face melting!)
DPS: Lvl 80 Shammy

Anyway, all the fights went fine mostly because of the higher than needed lvls of the 78+ members. Thanks again!!!

One of the things I noticed, was the tank was not really a good tank. I know he has a lower lvl than the other members, and so was going to have to beat them out on having aggro. But even with a few seconds of leeway to allow him to gain some aggro, he just couldn't hold on to them. Also adds... He/she couldn't handle the friggin adds. Seriously? Why volunteer to tank?! Maybe I am being too hard on the player, but seriously, if you have ever tanked, then you should know the basic concepts... If you can't handle adds, but can hold onto what you are tanking, then I can be pretty understanding. Sometimes being aware of your surroundings can be difficult, but it is essential for a Tank! Anyway, next rant...

Fire, circles, laser beams... Don't stand in them, don't run into them! Wierd... Why would you stand in something that can hurt you... 2 of the 3 members didn't follow this rule and instead bathed in the pit that is a void when the Maiden of Grief gets angry. WHY WOULD YOU STAND IN THERE!!! Don't you see your health dwindling!?!?!

I was furious, but the healer in me threw out heals like a madman and no one died. But Jen, was pretty upset about that. She told me to not heal anyone who stands in the fires just so they can understand what it can do to you. I obliged, but the rest of the group saw what she had wrote, and decided they should not stand in the fire... Why didn't they do that before? Probably because they were lazy and because I was facilitating it by keeping them alive... Never again, I will let the group wipe next time something like that happens.

Well anyway, the Maiden fell to massive DPS and was easily downed. Just had a few hectic moments of keeping everyone alive.

Krystallus... I died, but we lived. I got hit by successive attacks for some reason, probably being turned to stone then hit with a random boulder? I think my heals caused me to snag the aggro, but it wasn't like the Tank was all that successful to hold aggro in the first place. I died, but I was turned into an "Angel" and threw out some quick heals to top people off, and threw out a Renew or two to keep them capped off. He fell shortly after. Was rezzed by the Pally, and onward we went.

The Tribunal was a piece of cake, just mobs to control and basically deal with like you do any other pull. Again, bad tank = a running battle with me running around trying to keep the mobs from contacting me. I usually ran thru the middle of the battle while being followed so that my group members' AOE DPS would cause them to change their focus... I think it is a rather unnecessary thing for me to have to do, but you know, make due with what you have.

Sjonnir, the Ironshaper. More like the Claymaker. He fell apart pretty easily. Standard Tank and Spank, just keep the tank at 75% or higher, and throw a few CoH or PoHs around to keep the others topped off, and you got yourself a bit of buffer. Anyway, he fell easily enough.

HoS, not too bad, decent XP, and got a new backpiece. Oh well...

So level 76, tomorrow I plan to do my darnedest to hit 77, or even 78 so I can contribute more to the guild and participate in some Raids. Can't wait, I get excited with the prospect of healing a raid. Of course I will probably be given a minor role, and just be off-tank heals or perhaps group heals. Although I think a Resto Shaman or a Druid will be better at that, I have a much easier time focusing on a single target, but Holy seems versatile enough. Anyway, all done for the night...

See ya in the fight!!!

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