Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HTOC and the like...

I find myself getting invited to a decent amount of Heroics, and I loathe finishing them. I hate it that a Heroic can only be done once a day, it makes me tear.

In good news though, I did receive that nice knife you get from HTOC, the Kris. I was wanting that for some time and was happy to watch it drop. Only thing was, I didn't get to roll on it, because someone started looting before I returned... But the guy who won it was nice enough to pass it to me, since he rolled for an off-spec. Also a guildmate passed on a neck-piece that was a small boost to what I already had. Awesome!

Gear is slowly movin up, but I have 3 pieces from the Frostsavage set still on me. I just haven't seen drops to replace them yet. If I have seen them, it is often someone else who wins them. No biggie, but there isn't much I can do about it until they drop. I just want to be appropriate for 10 and 25 mans. I wonder if the guild is interested in running an Ony sometime in the near future.

Daiz and Naz from took me along on a Heroic earlier, I can't recall which one it was. It was the place with all the spider webs and giant beetles everywhere. It went pretty well, I was not disappointed at all. I didn't get any gear, but badges and such were received and I was happy for that.

Anyway, waiting for tomorrow to run HTOC again. Hoping no clothies show up on the group, that way I can pretty much be guaranteed some good stuff!

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